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Entry & Fee Parking Systems in Tacoma

PSG’s experienced team can design, install and service new parking systems. We also service, repair and upgrade existing parking gate systems.

Our experienced team can design, install and service most all kinds of parking systems in and around Tacoma including fee entry systems with drop gates, stand alone fee stations, and even incorporate automate physical security barriers. We also service existing parking gate systems and can in most cases upgrade them to work with newer technology to run more efficiently with less down time.

Perimeter Security Group can accommodate the needs of small lots as well as large, complex parking systems around Tacoma. PSG has decades of parking systems experience and parking sites in operation from California to Puerto Rico. Our fee parking gate systems reliably run on throughout the United States at many rental car lots, corporate office buildings, event centers, casinos, shopping centers, government facilities and many other sites with thousands of daily vehicles and millions in annual parking revenue.

Install, Upgrade or Retrofit Of Paid Parking Systems In Tacoma Area

We service and install entry parking systems with the latest technologies.

Our parking systems for access and revenue control, valet, and events use parking software programs that are configured for each location. After the physical hardware is installed, PSG can push software functionality directly to the location over a cloud-based operating system. Our flexible solutions for parking access and parking revenue control will help you create a parking experience that works for your needs and feels intuitive to today’s tech-savvy consumers.

Parking Systems Generate ROI

The return on investment is not just from the parking fees. Tacoma land and building owners can see an increase in property valuation and rental income.

Office & commercial parking systems can accommodate tenants, monthly parkers, visitors and customers. For resale or when negotiating leases with renters, property owners and their managers need a parking system to accommodate parking users of mixed types with various parking rates or access such as RFID cards and/or pay parking gates. Transient, customers or visitor parkers should also be given easy options to pay for parking.

Commercial & Government Fee Parking System Experience

We have installed and service hundreds of fee parking systems.

Both metered and gated systems have advantages, gated systems with fee stations allow for reliable revenue capture without the enforcement labor costs. Stand alone metered fee parking systems are an ideal solution for lots and street parking where entry is harder to control and do present certain financial advantages over gated systems for installation and equipment costs but have to be monitored with paid labor.

Parking control systems and gates can be installed at many locations including:

  • Employee/tenant parking
  • Transient/public parking
  • Intercom: Call for assistance
  • Airport & off-airport
  • City & Government
  • Hospital & Healthcare
  • Hotel & Resort
  • Marina & Campground
  • Office & Commercial
  • Shopping & Retail
  • Theme Park & Destination
  • University & Education
  • Flat Rate Parking Systems
  • Parking Access Control Systems
  • Smart Parking Meters
  • Parking Management Software
  • Hotel Options
  • Entry & Exit Lane Design & Installation
  • Walk-Up Payment Options
  • Gate System 24 Hour Service & Repair
  • Coordinate with existing and proposed development plans
Some of the images shown above are from our suppliers and are not actual installations performed by Perimeter Security Group.

Official Entry & Fee Parking System Suppliers

Below are some of the official suppliers PSG contracts with for access control systems.

Corporate Headquarters

7488 Government Way, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815  |  208-772-1700

Tacoma/ Tacoma Office

420 S 96th #24, Tacoma, WA 98108   |   253-234-7644

Southern California Office

16760 Stagg St., Unit 222, Van Nuys, CA 91406  |  213-293-0035