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Location: Seattle, WA   |   General Contractor: M.A. Mortenson Co.

Scope of Work: Furnish and install perimeter security package for the newly remodeled Seattle Climate Pledge Arena.

The new Seattle Arena’s physical security design and installation is being done to improve the protection for the popular site’s interior and exterior from forced or unwelcome visitors. This project included a physical security consulting by PSG’s Director of Physical Security and the subsequent awarding of the perimeter security installation contract by M.A. Mortenson Co.

The security installation includes exterior perimeter force protection of  K12 crash rated, shallow, fixed bollards with stainless steel covers, K12 anti ram bollards that are removable, a series of secured entries with automated K12 wedge barriers enhanced with vehicle safety loop detection as well as remote operation or on-site secured manual controls.

Further exterior physical security installations include automated traffic control gates with card reader access tied into the central site access control system.

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