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Turnstiles & ADA Gates for Access Points

Let PSG design and install secure access points for visitors, guests and employees.

Perimeter Security Group provides consultation, design and installation of all types of entry systems from standard metal bar, one-way turnstiles to the high-tech RFID or smart app/watch controlled access gates for office or government installations.

In commercial real estate mobile access control is an amenity tenants value and use every day. Differentiate your property with frictionless mobile access to attract and retain the highest quality tenants.

Enhance the Multi-family residential tenant experience with one credential for shared spaces, parking garages, and elevators. Flexible zone sharing, permissions, and visitor management for property managers.

Access Control Systems
Swing Glass Gates
Retractable Glass Gates
Full Height Turnstiles
Waist Height Turnstiles
Motorized ADA Swing Gates
Mechanical ADA Swing Gates
Sports Arena Access Controls Systems
Airport Access Controls Systems
Hotel Access Controls Systems
Office Access Controls Systems
Construction Site Access Controls Systems
Factory Access Controls Systems
Train & Subway Access Controls Systems
Some of the images shown above are from our suppliers and are not actual installations performed by Perimeter Security Group.

Official Turnstile & Access Point System Suppliers

Below are some of the official suppliers PSG contracts with for access control systems.

Corporate Headquarters

7488 Government Way, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815  |  208-772-1700

Seattle/ Tacoma Office

420 S 96th #24, Seattle, WA 98108   |   253-234-7644

Southern California Office

16760 Stagg St., Unit 222, Van Nuys, CA 91406  |  213-293-0035