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Anti Ram Walls

Deter & prevent forced entry from automobiles.

With vehicle ramming attacks on the rise in the United States and abroad government campus and private facility sites are assessing vulnerabilities in the protection of their spaces. Anti ram walls can be designed and installed to both look aesthetically pleasing while also providing unparalleled security from attack by automobiles of virtually any size.

Perimeter security is designed to protect employees, visitors, and building functions and services from threats such as unauthorized vehicles approaching close to or penetrating high-risk buildings. The key element in protecting buildings from a vehicular bomb is the establishment of appropriate stand-off distance, depending on the size of the threat and the building characteristics. This is accomplished by a protective barrier system placed to provide at least minimum required stand-off. In an urban situation, this is often not possible, and alternative measures must be taken.

The main purpose of anti-ram walls is to provide a sufficient level of protection and mitigation from vehicle-borne threats to a secured area. Applications in which anti-ram walls are normally used include airports, boarder patrol locations, Department of Defense and Department of State facilities, port authorities, public venues, and law enforcement facilities.

Perimeter Security Group can design, build and install a wide range of fixed static vehicle barrier walls to meet any force protection measures required. We are a certified provider of the industry’s largest barrier manufacturers and can provide a widest range of options. We can design anti ram wall perimeters along with automated barrier systems that can be activated by a control system with speed detection and wrong-way detection systems in a guard booth or building.

  • Can be incorporated into landscape architecture
  • Crash test certified to DOS K-rating
  • Cost efficient
  • Passive & active options
  • Solid wall or passive designs
  • Urban and corporate settings
  • Use with bollards or planters for hidden protection
  • Wide range of options for odd layout & terrain changes
Some of the images shown above are from our suppliers and are not actual installations performed by Perimeter Security Group.

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