THE TRUCK STOPS HERE. The most secure sites require the best in perimeter security. PSG offers engineered and fully crash tested perimeter barrier systems to meet your facilities budget and security needs. EMERGENCY BRAKE SYSTEM When used together with active vehicle barriers providing critical access control at every entry point, complete perimeter protection is possible.

Anti Ram Fence

Deter & prevent forced entry from automobiles.

Vehicle ramming attacks are continuously on the rise in the United States and abroad. Government agencies at the federal, state, and local levels along with corporation campus sites are assessing vulnerabilities in their facilities and public spaces. Anti crash fencing is a solution that can both deter and prevent unwanted entry into sensitive areas.

Passive bollards have long used as a successful preventive method to stop vehicles from encroaching in areas with unrestricted walking access. They are manufactured in a wide array of architectural shapes, finishes, and sizes. This allows them to blend in or even complement the surrounding environment. However, bollards are not an efficient option for spaces requiring longer runs. Anti-ram fencing, also called crash fence, crash rated fence, cable barrier fence, post and rail fence, security fence and sometimes anti-terrorism cable fence, is more cost-effective and practical than bollards and it is more ideal for restricting unauthorized vehicle access to large facility or campuses.

Crash fence is also ideal when used for protecting office buildings, critical infrastructure, hazardous materials, and open space when designed to be hidden from view. Anti ram and crash fence can be designed and installed in conjunction with other perimeter security features such as hardened furniture, retractable bollards, boulders, anti ram walls and other aesthetically appealing but effective crash barrier options.

  • Post and cable or post and rail fence options
  • Crash test certified to ASTM standards
  • Cost efficient
  • Low installation cost
  • Erector style construction
  • Retrofit with various pedestrian fence styles
  • Urban and corporate settings
  • Perimeters with minimal setbacks
  • Use alongside vehicle barriers to increase level of protection
  • Wide range of site use including odd layout & terrain changes
  • Crash fence can be installed to supplement existing fencing
Some images shown above may not be installations performed by PSG and are product promotion images from our suppliers .

Official Anti-Ram Fence System Suppliers

Below are some of the official suppliers PSG contracts with for anti-ram fence production.

Corporate Headquarters

7488 Government Way, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815  |  208-772-1700

Seattle/ Tacoma Office

420 S 96th #24, Seattle, WA 98108   |   253-234-7644

Southern California Office

16760 Stagg St., Unit 222, Van Nuys, CA 91406  |  213-293-0035