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Location: Grand Coulee Dam, WA    |   General Contractor: Integrated Security Solutions

Scope of Work: Consult, plan and install physical security upgrades including wedge barrier and crash rated gates.

The Grand Coulee Dam physical security upgrade project was a part of the hardening of national infrastructure through The Bureau of Reclamation. Perimeter Security Group was a part of the team tasked with many of those upgrades. Part of that work included the design and installation of crash rated wedge barriers for entry roads and even more crash rated protection at sensitive entry points with automated, vertical pivot gates.

The multiple sets of Anti Ram In Ground Wedge Barriers installed are ASTM classified H60, the highest rating, which will stop a a 65,000 lb. vehicle traveling 50mph.

The automated and reinforced vertical pivot gates installed are also high K-Rated anti-crash gates to further protect the facility.