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Automated Gate Service & Repair in Tacoma Area

We service and repair residential and commercial automated gates.

If you have an electric automated gate system that is not working correctly or if you just want to have the gate services before something breaks, Perimeter Security Group can help. Automated gates are essential in providing security to any home or business. Electric gates can give you the peace of mind that you have full control of who comes in and out of your home or business. There is a wide variety of styles for electric gates such as swinging, sliding, cantilever and even overhead electric gates. We service, repair and upgrade all gate types and electric gate operator manufacturers.

Sometimes the entire electric gate itself is not the issue. Wear and tear from regular use and the weather can cause some small moving parts in your electric gate system to break, freeze up or malfunction causing your entire system to breakdown. In most cases a simple repair of the electric gate system is all you need. Perimeter Security Group can save you money by repairing the small parts rather than the entire system. Contracting Perimeter Security Group for a regular maintenance schedule.

Perimeter Security Group’s experienced maintenance crew is the best choice to service driveway gates, fencing and even welding services. We service and repair automated gates in the California, Washington and Idaho. The level of quality and speed of customer service you receive from Perimeter Security Group is among the best in the nation for gate service and repair.

  • Commercial electric gate repair
  • Automated entry service repair
  • Residential automated gate repair
  • Infrared gate sensor repair
  • Pedestrian safety sensor repair
  • Battery backup system repair
  • Slide, swing or vertical open gate repair
  • Crash rated or standard gate repair
  • Retractible bollard service and repair
  • Gate access control repairs
  • Preventative maintenance service

For Immediate Service Please Call The Nearest PSG Service Department:

Southern California / Hollywood   |  208-661-1802

Eastern Washington / North Idaho  |  208-277-6385

Seattle / Tacoma / Portland   |   208-661-1802

Official Gate Manufacturer System Suppliers

Below are some of the official gate operation suppliers PSG services and repairs.

Fill out the form below to be connected with one of our gate repair specialists. We will contact you shortly and schedule a repair.


    Perimeter Security Group is a security fencing company who believes that there is no reason why a home owner, store owner or a business owner should wait to get their gate repaired. If you are the owner or manager of an automated entry gate, fee entry Parkonect systems or electronic access doors in Tacoma, Perimeter Security Group can help repair and keep your entry system running and working correctly.

    Our company’s security gates can be seen all around the city — from rolling gates on a store front to narrow pedestrian turnstile gates at event venues to the arm barrier operators at the airport, mall and fast food drive-thrus and kiosks at the stadium, the wide roll up gates at a shipping dock; the high speed doors at a food processing facility or pharmaceutical plant and everything else that needs protection.

    Today, gates no longer need to be ugly, industrial-looking blockades against vandals and thieves, but come in a wide variety of models, styles, colors, materials and finishes. For this reason, Perimeter Security Group makes this process easy; specialists share their expertise with clients to make sure they make the right choice and to prevent them from wasting money in the future on unnecessary repairs or replacements. With so many applications, choosing a security gate can seem a daunting task.

    To make certain that our clients receive exceptional security for the long-term, all gates – and their mechanical parts — from gate operators, to motors, remote controls and safety devices — meet the most stringent industry safety standards and can even be crash rated to K12 standards. Our gates are crafted by experts from the finest and most durable materials and come with a warranty. They are then installed and maintained by Perimeter Security Group’s local technicians and can provide same day gate repair services in Tacoma and all of its surrounding cities. The importance of same day service cannot be stressed enough— a broken gate means a security breach, which leaves a business exposed to vandals and thieves.

    At Perimeter Security Group, we believe that every customer deserves to protect their property and livelihood and it is our sole purpose to help them do exactly that!

    There are many possible reasons that can lead to a stuck busted, off tracks or jammed gate in Tacoma are many. Some of the commercial and residential gates in Tacoma get jammed since someone backed into the door with a vehicle or some can get busted since no one ever took the time to grease the gate. But no matter how severe the problem is, and no matter how bad the jammed gate might seem, Perimeter Security Group can help today. Since we have an office and crew in Tacoma WA, we have the ability to repair your gate ASAP. With our same day emergency gate repair in Seattl, we can fix any broken gate immediately. You might need emergency gate repair in Tacoma, or new gate installment in the Tacoma, Perimeter Security Group is ready for the task. Get in touch with us today, and one of our gate specialists will be on his way to repair your broken gate. We offer on-the-spot gate repair, and we carry with us most of the parts as well as the tools which are needed in order to fix a broken slide gate or broken swing gate in Tacoma.

    For more than a decade, Perimeter Security Group has been protecting businesses with its advanced security rolling gates of every type and for every application imaginable in the entire Tacoma area.

    In these uncertain economic times, security is the most essential investment any business can make. The secret behind Perimeter Security Group’s success is its unique client relationship and personalized attention. Perimeter Security Group provides customers with tailored solutions that not only perfectly match you security requirements, but match your budget, aesthetic preferences, building and technical specifications, and much more.

    Gate Repairs Tacoma

    Whether it is a broken slide gate, broken articulating gate, or a broken wooden swing gate – it might be dangerous, and really should not be used! Whether it is an over-head door in Tacoma, a gate motor repair, a store front rolling gate, or another problem that stop the gate from functioning properly can be dangerous, which should be repaired by a qualified gate specialist. Trying to force the gate to move, to constantly press the opening or closing key, or any other attempt to repair a commercial gate by Do-It-Yourself can end with injuries, and is very dangerous. Perimeter Security Group in Tacoma can service all types of metal gates in Tacoma area. We repair swing gates, sliding gates articulating gates and even parkonect gates and pay parking systems. We repair electric gates, manual gates, storefront rollup gates and more.


    In need for unexpected emergency gate repair in Tacoma?

    You found the best place! Perimeter Security Group in Tacoma is able to fix all sorts of iron and wooden gates – From rollup gate repair, to automated Iron Gate repairs in Tacoma, we are the solution for all types of iron gates services. We service rollups, rolling gates, sliding gates, swing gates, automated gates, and we also offer industrial roll-down gates maintenance.
When it comes to new gates installment, quality is the most important thing. We know that you want a strong and reliable gate, that will keep the unwanted outside your business or your home, and that will work smoothly every time you need it.

    Gate automation repair and installment service in Tacoma:

    1. Tacoma Emergency gate repair service.

    2. New gate installment Tacoma.

    3. Gate motor (opener) repairs in Tacoma.

    4. Qualified gate experts.

    5. High quality gate components Tacoma.

    6. Gates maintenance service in Tacoma.

    7. Motorized gate repair Tacoma.

    8. Emergency gate services Tacoma

    Automatic Gate Services In Tacoma

    A custom automatic gate can change the look of your home or business. Whether you choose the beauty and safety of a custom fabricated iron driveway gate or the style of a motorized wooden swing gate, Perimeter Security Group of Tacoma has everything from up end stylish steel automatic sliding gates to durable and customizable chain link sliding gates.

    Automatic Gate Services

    Automatic gates of Tacoma installation and repair. Our professional team of PSG automatic gates repairmen in Tacoma and installation contractors will help you choose the convenient elegant gate that will change the way you or others use your home or business gate system. Call us at 1-208-772-1700 and either set a service call for a later date or have us come same-day to repair, install or replace your automatic gate in Tacoma.

    Top Tacoma Automatic Gates Repair Service

    Certified Fence Professionals – Perimeter Security Group of Tacoma can repair and resume your home or office gate to function properly. Automatic gates can take a beating and eventually repair is needed. There are a number of reasons your automatic gate can need repairs such as stuck rollers, sensor problems, gear problems, electric short or other issue. Our team of gate repair technicians will come and repair your gate quickly and properly. Our professionals have years of experience in the field so you are guaranteed to receive excellent electric gate repair service in the Tacoma area!

    Types of Tacoma automatic gates repairs

    There are many parts that may need repair in your automatic gate, our technicians can repair them all, but some of these parts that may need servicing or repair in your automatic gate include:

    Sliders (Electrical Sliding Gates)

    A slider operator is most used where space outside the property line is limited and the gate runs parallel to the fence or wall it is connected to. Slider gate openers come in a variety of sizes from heavy duty to light use depending on the entrance, weight, and how many times you open and close your gate a day. The gate slider you choose should be based on the requirements of the location and our professional team of gate repair and replacement technicians will help you along the process of choosing to make sure you choose the right one.

    Swingers (Automatic Swing Gates)

    A swing gate is most commonly uses when a gate is combined with one or two doors opening inward or outward. Swingers have changed over the years to accommodate today’s heavy-duty applications and the need to provide homes or businesses with long term durability, silent operation, and even high security crash ratings. Call us at 1-208-772-1700 now so we can help you decide if a swinger is right for you.

    Motorized Overhead Gates

    Overhead operators are most used in situations of high traffic such as apartments and commercial buildings. Gate overhead openers range from light to heavy-duty. The one you choose depends on weight, entrance, and the number of times you open or close your gate.

    New Automatic Gates Tacoma Installation

    Automatic Gates Tacoma

    You look at your home or business and notice something is missing. It is missing that wow factor to draw eyes to your home or customers to your business. So, you decide your home or business needs a new gate to make it stand out among the competition or the neighborhood surrounding it. Your only problem is you don’t know where to start. Well, worry no more. Perimeter Security Group will take care of that. We will help you choose from the high end of an iron gate or the elegance of wood. We have a variety of options including but are not limited to:Automated Iron gates

    If you want to add elegance and sophistication to your property, wrought iron gates are the way to go. Iron gates add a sense of safety and privacy to your home. Our iron gates are crafted from industrial hot dipped galvanized steel. It is then powder coated for longevity and durability.

    Contemporary Gate with Silent Motor

    Contemporary gates can add a vintage or rustic look, or ultra modernized look to your home or business. Our trusted professional designers will help your look through and choose from our wide selection of contemporary gate options that will match your individual style and preference.

    Motorized Wood Gates

    Wood gates are an excellent addition to the appearance of any home or business. They provide clients with a natural look to their residential or commercial property. We have a large selection of wood styles to choose from including, mahogany, cedar, and redwood. You will leave a long-lasting impression on your neighbors or customers with a nice wood gate.

    Electric Security Gates

    Steel Folding Security Gates are used most often on industrial and commercial properties. However, many homeowners opt for them as well because they provide a sense of security, and ventilation.


    Need Reliable Automate Gates Repair Services? Springs – Openers – Tracks – Call us NOW!

    It doesn’t matter if you have a broken automatic gate that needs repair or replacement, or you want an entirely new automatic gate system installed, call us. Perimeter Security Group will help you with your automatic gate repair replacement, or installation needs. We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so call us anytime and we will be honored to provide you a service you are guaranteed to be satisfied with.