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Location: Hayden, ID   |   General Contractor: Perimeter Security Group

Scope of Work: Design, fabricate and install custom automated residential driveway iron gates.

This custom residential gate was designed to fit the aesthetics of the high end home. The style is meant to reflect the golden ratio in a Frank Lloyd Right style. The hand fabricated double swing gate, man gate and adjoining metal fence were first drawn up for design review with the client based on a directional idea developed in the initial consultation with our Perimeter Security custom gate specialist. After a few rounds of slight revisions to the overall design, the full gate drawings were produced along with engineering plans for footings and electrical as well as the technical call outs for operators, solar back up, security system tie in and remote control functionality.

The entire gate was produced by hand welding, then powder coated in a custom color and finally assembled on location. The end result is a gate that far surpassed the customer’s expectations for design, quality, time to deliver, security features and overall cost.