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Perimeter Security Design Build Assistance

PSG’s experienced team works closely with your designers, architects or builder to create flexible alternatives and innovative solutions.

For a building to be made truly crime-resistant, security considerations should be in the architectural drawings from the very beginning. The drawings should indicatet a comprehensive security perspective that takes into account the relationships between electronic security equipment, security officer services, and, most importantly, the active or passive physical barriers, gates, fencing or all of the above.

A common mistake is to establish an intrusion detection system without at the same time ensuring that the intrusion threat isn’t first and foremost preventable with entry and perimeter systems built into the overall planned aesthetics of the property.

Architects and designers can make the greatest contribution to meeting a project’s security objectives with basic design decisions about circulation, access, entry points, building and lanscape materials, and many other features that can support or thwart overall security aims.

Building clients and design professionals are not the only ones concerned about security. Many jurisdictions require a security review by the police as part of the building permit approval process, the same goes for fire safety requirements. Many jurisdictions have security ordinances that require certain emergency access levels, and secure door and window designs and hardware. All federal government buildings must comply with the GSA Security Standards from 1995, and relates the many security classifications of government buildings.

Perimeter Security Group’s professional consultants and designers can help facilitate and build a safer, security rich and cost efficient facility in conjunction with you existing structures and grounds via a retrofit or help in the design of new construction.

  • Coordinate with existing & proposed development plans
  • Comprehensive approach
  • Flexibility in options
  • Physical deterrence
  • Psychological deterrence
  • Standoff & setback implementation
  • Clear expectations for use
  • Support for observation, surveillance & inspection
  • Modify traffic conditions

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