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Location: Venice Beach, CA    |   General Contractor: Perimeter Security Group

Scope of Work: Consult, plan and install physical security network in the heart of Venice Beach’s pedestrian and automobile mixed use accessible areas.

The Venice Beach project is a first of its kind for the physical security industry in North America. Perimeter Security Group has pioneered and developed a proprietary planning technology utilizing GIS mapping, street overlays, and potential forced entry route discovery with speed ratings utilizing software and crash protection allowances by selected placement of crash walls, bollards, buildings and other elements. We then engineer the planned physical security installation for entire networks of roads, sidewalks and promenade areas to ensure the safest possible secured envelope area.

PSG will be consulting, designing, furnishing and installing a large area protection network of crash rated bollards on the Venice Beach Ocean Walk. The final consultation and design of the Venice Beach physical security network will consist of crash rated bollards consisting of hundreds of crash rated fixed bollards, anti ram automated bollards and crash rated removable bollards. The physical security network was designed utilizing computer modeling of streets and sidewalks to calculate and compensate for any and all forced entry weak points. The network of bollards also incorporates instant automated access for police, fire and medical personal.

The Venice Beach Project is scheduled to be completed in late 2021.