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Location: Inglewood, CA    |   General Contractor: Turner AECOM-Hunt JV

Scope of Work: Furnish and installed custom build Anti Ram Slide gates, anti-ram pop up bollards, anti-ram fixed bollards, Anti Ram Site Railing, Custom Decorative Ribbon Fence system, and Automated Entry Control Stations.

The massive installation included an array of hostile vehicle mitigation measures consisting of 374 traffic bollards, 278 stainless steel K12 fixed bollards, 103 stainless steel K4 fixed bollards, 91 stainless steel K12 hydraulic bollards with nine individual 12’x8’x8’ underground hydraulic power unit vault rooms spread throughout the complex. 3,000 linear feet of K12 crash cable fencing, a 20’h x20’w hydraulic k12 privacy slide gate, 2 ea k12 manual privacy slide gates, and 12 inground wedge barrier plates.

By far the most impressive feature was the over 4,000 linear feet of custom fabricated anti-climb “ribbon fence” created to be a visually free-flowing wave of vertical metal tubing intermixed with a variety of hidden gates and strategically place openings. The ribbon fence was fully 3D modeled within CAD software with each of the thousands of vertical steel tubes digitally measured and cut for each angle and individual length which was then welded to the CAD designed and laser cut base plates in pre-fabricated sections that were then finished in a heavy-duty white epoxy coating, shipped and installed on monolithic reinforced concrete foundation.

The ribbon fencing includes many gates which were designed and built to blend in seamlessly into the ribbon fence. Those gates include an astounding 18 custom slide gates all utilizing custom underground vaults built to hide the sliding tracks from view. When these gates are closed the appearance is a continuous ribbon fence look. There were also two custom-built, massive center point rotating gates similar to a pedestrian turnstile but built in a size to allow for trucks to pass through. When closed the gates appear to be a part of the ribbon fence.

The anti-climb security fence was very exclusive as it was also a piece of art on the project. The use of the size of the site security scope required an active project management team consisting of a lead PM, two Design Engineers, Shop Supervisor, Quality Control Inspector, On-site Superintendent, and more.

Every aspect of the ribbon fence project was a challenge that brought unique and difficult obstacles to navigate throughout the design, in-house fabrication, transportation, and installation. Using the latest innovative 3D computer aided design technology paired with a production grade CNC tube cutter, PSG’s engineers and fabricators were able to process over 8,000 pickets with their own unique height, angles, and labels, of which no two pickets were the same. As a result, our design engineers worked very closely with the fabrication team to overcome the many logistical challenges in the assembly of the fence in-house. Each assembled panel retained a distinctive wavy shape that made packaging and shipping difficult. To overcome this obstacle, PSG brought on two full time builders to form custom built dunnage for each of the 500 ribbon fence panels with sizes ranging up to 14 feet in height. Throughout the 6 months of fabrication, 20 full sized semi-trucks were used to transport the ribbon fence panels from PSG’s facility to the painters to be cleaned, sandblasted, and painted to project specifications. Panels were reloaded onto trucks and shipped to the site for installation. Each custom pre-labeled panel had its very own location to be mounted to across the vast 298 acre property, but each panel represented one piece of the puzzle that made this project so exceptional and fulfilling for the PSG team.