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September 9, 2021

Golden Ratio Double Swing Gate

Location: Hayden, ID   |   General Contractor: Perimeter Security Group Scope of Work: Design, fabricate and install custom automated residential driveway iron gates. This custom residential gate was designed to…
anti-ram barrier wedge barriers crash rated
January 7, 2021

Grand Coulee Dam Physical Security

Location: Grand Coulee Dam, WA    |   General Contractor: Integrated Security Solutions Scope of Work: Consult, plan and install physical security upgrades including wedge barrier and crash rated gates.The…
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Physical Security ConsultingProjects
September 23, 2020

SoFi Stadium

Location: Inglewood, CA    |   General Contractor: Turner AECOM-Hunt JV Scope of Work: Furnish and installed custom build Anti Ram Slide gates, anti-ram pop up bollards, anti-ram fixed bollards, Anti Ram Site Railing, Custom Decorative Ribbon Fence system, and Automated Entry Control Stations.The massive installation included an array of hostile vehicle…
anti-ram barrier wedge barriers crash rated barrier installers
Physical Security ConsultingProjects
August 11, 2020

NIH Rocky Mountain Labs

Contract $: 1,431,000.00   |   Location: Hamilton, MT General Contractor: E-Corp   |   Owner: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Scope of Work: Furnish & installed custom iron 9’ tall fencing around perimeter of facility. Also furnished and installed Delta Scientific…